Who is khaya?

Our ethics

Go With Khaya was established in 2005. We offer international students the opportunity to come to South Africa and experience working with local companies and organisations as interns. Our goal is to offer an incomparable experience of the diverse culture and socio-political landscape of this amazing country, and our hope is to inspire people to offer their time and effort in return.

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Responsible travel

Volunteering can be an incredibly enriching and educational experience. The trick to getting the most out of your chosen volunteer project is to maximise what you put in. Quite simply, your focus should not only be on you, the volunteer – it should be on those you want to help and support; whether you are working in childcare, conservation, community building, or whichever organization you choose.

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Locally based

Khaya has one fantastic advantage over other volunteer groups – we’re based right here in Africa, and are therefore directly involved with the volunteer projects on an ongoing, hands-on basis. We make every effort to visit all our projects regularly to ensure that everything is running smoothly, and to ensure that both projects AND volunteers receive all the necessary support and guidance. Our direct partnership with our projects allows us to see immediately how you, the volunteer, fit into the bigger picture, and at the same time we can help with the day-to-day details of your stay.

Very important to us: Khaya strives to create employment in Africa by employing local people at several of our projects and giving them much-needed income opportunities.

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Discounts on your travel

If you are travelling in a foreign country, you will of course want to get some sightseeing done! Luckily for you, Khaya is more than willing to assist in planning your travel options. We focus on volunteering, but we are also experienced travellers to many countries and want to make your experience as positive as possible.

We have partnered with local companies such as the Baz Bus backpackers bus in South Africa, car rental companies and travel agencies such as NOMAD where you can experience the beauty Africa has to offer by joining one of their spectacular overland tours. We have even negotiated a 10% discount for you as a volunteer or intern if we book your tour for you! If you have any travel needs before, during or after your volunteer participation, speak to us and we’ll do the best we can to give you the best options and prices available – because we want to and we can!

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